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EST'D 2014

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Abstract Glass Wall Paintings

  • Flair Glass

“Energy and motion made visible – memories arrested in space” Jackson Pollock Using shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect is form of abstract art. The abstract painting is a new art form which got its recognition in early 19th century. It’s also called as modern art. Abstract art has the ability to express what other visual art styles cannot. It can address concepts that are intangible and...

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Simple Mirror

  • Vikas Airon

 Mirror: something that gives a true representation A Simple Mirror The mirror is one of the cost-effective item you can have at home. It is readily available and comes in different styles, sizes, and shapes. Mirror is an essential and integral part of our life. It is not only a grooming aid but it can also be used as a decoration tool to create accents, transform space and dematerialize mass. There are...

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Lord Buddha Art Gallery - Glass Wall Paintings

  • Flair Glass

According to Fengh Shui and Vastu, keeping paintings of Lord Buddha increase the flow of Chi and bring Prosperity and great fortune. According to ancient Chinese claims, Chi form of energy that is omnipresent.  Buddha Paintings are also a symbol of innocence and bliss. Placing Buddha painting in the living room of your home or above the reception desk of your office can help bring peace, happiness and prosperity into your home...

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Unique Gifting Ideas For Festivals

  • Flair Glass
Festival Times are the best times of our life. India is known for its festivals specially Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Dushehra, Holi, Onam, Pongal, Id, Gurpurab and many other, there are more than 100 festivals regional, national, international festivals celebrated across India. Festivals are time when everyone is in flavor of Joy, Happiness and Energy. And when its about festivals gifts take a front position. We express our feelings by giving gifts to over loved ones.

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Glass Bowl size 3 Cobalt +gold rim, Brown box , Set of 1

Glass Bowl size 3 Cobalt +gold rim, Brown box , Set of 1

10 minutes ago

purchased from Ludhiana