Glass Wall Paintings to Brighten Up Your Space!

Glass Wall Paintings to Brighten Up Your Space!

Dec 07, 2021Flair Glass

While the process of accessorizing a space as large as a living room may feel scary, designing a space that will interest you and your family both is easier than you may think. After a lot of research we are here with few steps, one must keep in mind while planning to decorate a living space for a whole new look.

Let’s have a look at the tips.

Measure your space

Before one can make decision on which glass wall paintings to pick for the living room wall, or which furniture to get, or about the curtains, one should have an accurate sense of the wall and room area, as proper measurements will help you pick the correct size of the decors. Always keep in mind that doing your due meticulousness in time will save you both money and time. Ordering and returning paintings and furniture with fitting issues can be a hassle. What are you waiting for, pick a scale, take the required measurements.

Set up your intentions


It is very important for you to decide what kind of living space you want to walk in everyday. Living room is a place where your family spent most of the time together. Hence, it’s a very important space and should be according to everyone’s taste. Wondering how to make it possible? Well, set up your intention, pick a theme and ask members to pick their own décor keeping the theme in mind. Let us help you with what to get, we suggest, a glass wall painting matching the theme. Just always, be sure that the room reflects you and your lifestyle. 

Focus on your aesthetic


Ask yourself how you want to feel! A feeling of modern house vibes, feminine or romantic? It’s definitely going to be difficult to determine the direction you want to take your living space design if you find yourself surrounded with many décor styles. There’s no need to settle to one particular look but keeping a general scheme is important.  Your living space doesn’t have to be a total theme party, but an overall design direction will help narrow down selections for the space. Well, don’t make it a work, enjoy the process; turn pages of some design magazines or surf Pinterest.

Address your walls


By no means the walls should be left empty. Wall décor is very very essential. They are a great opportunity to add more character to the room. Artwork and wall decorative always acts as the jewelry for the room. These pieces add an extra layer of elegance to the space. Not sure of what to hang?  The safest option would be a large piece of art, say like multi frames glass wall paintings. Having a unique piece of art will set the space; it’ll make the living room truly shine. Find these amazing paintings at

Now that you know how to do it, Let’s do it. One click away is your best art piece, that one piece your big wall and living space is excited for. Hurry! Pick the one, add to cart and get it delivered to your doorstep, safe and sound!


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