Some Unique Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas

Some Unique Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas

Jan 19, 2022Flair Glass

The time has almost come, you should start thinking about the Valentine’s Day gifts or have you already? Valentine’s Day is all along the way and we all know how it is one of the perfect occasions to show your love for them. Don not, I repeat do not let Omicron ruin this as well. It has done enough, trips to hospital, curfews, lock downs, restrictions, what not! However, we are not letting the restrictions or the flu getting in our way to celebrate love. Be with us and we will tell you how without even stepping out, you will have a perfect gift for them, Just the gift and no viruses.

Whether you are surfing it online or roaming store to store, finding a perfect gift can be quite tricky. However, it always is worth it when you see your loved ones lit up face. Let us see what we have in the store for the big day.

Let your love reflect


If you want to do something Bollywood style, we recommend you to watch a movie or two first and then get to our website for the perfect mirror in which you would love your love’s reflection. You can wrap up the mirror with a note, which would say something like, ‘unwrap the gift to see the most beautiful person’, or something like, inside is an image of the person I love the most. That was we, now you sit back and think of your own note to your love while we match you to the variety of mirrors we have; decorative mirrors, framed mirrors, frameless mirrors, LED mirrors, Premium luxury mirror, all the types and sizes. This Valentine’s Day get creative with our range of mirrors, do something different!


Say it with colours


How about adding some more colours to your already colourful love life? Did not get us? Well, we are talking about our unique glass wall paintings. There are varieties you can pick from, abstract, modern, classical, multi frame, we have it all.  These paintings are as unique as your love for them. These are eco-friendly and are high definition wall paintings on premium Saint Gobain toughened glass. The vibrant colours on the glass, surely is going to remind them how colourful their love story is.

Something different to express your love


Are you with a coffee lover? If yes, we have something amazing in our store for you, something for you both to cherish together. A Coffee Table, for all the in house coffee dates. Pick one now, and share coffee, love, life, no limits! 

The next different thing in our store would be barware and tableware. If you are planning a date night, we have perfect barware and tableware to make your date, PERFECT! Head on to the website and shop now.


Express your love with basic things

It’s not always necessary to go for things expensive, showy or something huge. Even small, thoughtful gifts can work in your favour. What are we talking about? Well, if your partner is asking to renovate your bathroom from long or if she is complaining about a thing or two, which is not in fashion anymore but is still living in your washroom, why don’t you do something about it this Valentines? Great idea, isn’t it? Well we just don’t have ideas but have products related in our store to help too. Why don’t you see it yourself, our amazing range of bathroom accessories. Surprise them, we are here to back!


Finding the perfect present for Valentine’s Day is an amazing way of showing how much you care for your partner. We hope this guide and our not so usual gift ideas help you pick the best gift this February 14th. Don’t forget to pick out the perfect card and their favourite flowers to sweep them off their feet. Good Luck, may you have the best of best!



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