Premium, Luxury, All Glass Mirrors!

Premium, Luxury, All Glass Mirrors!

Dec 30, 2021Flair Glass


When we talk about home décor, mirror as interiors is always a part of discussion. All the interior designers round the globe are using mirrors in their own ways to enhance the look of a home. Moreover, why would they not when mirror actually is a wonderful piece of attraction? We have left those days far behind when mirror was just to see one’s reflection. Now is the time when we see a mirror more than just an object we use while we shave or apply make, it’s much more than that now. Speaking of much more, let us further discuss how much more.

We all know about the mirror properties and that it is used as a decorative piece in almost every household. From the hallway to the bathroom, a decorative mirror has made its space. We have bought and gifted a variety of decorative mirrors, framed ones; wooden and metallic, crafted ones, again wooden and metallic, the one’s with seashells or the one’s with clay frames but do we know there’s another very special variety that we are missing on?

Yes! A decorative mirror where nothing except mirror is used for the decoration.  These mirrors are a statement piece as one can use it perfectly to make it the centre of attraction. These are premium luxury mirrors and goes well with all the textures and the kind of décor. These are heavy but worth having. You will not know it now, own one to get compliments and believe.

Will just owning one will help you get all the good compliments? Well, they might but let us get in for something extra. Let us discuss how we can put these premium luxury mirrors to its best use.

Mirror made for textured wall.


Perfect! these mirrors are meant for the textured walls. The delicate and intricate design of this kind makes it best for the walls with textures. The texture enhances the charm of the mirror and the mirror returns the favour by making that wall the best in the house.

Mirror for your floral aesthetic.


Do you have floral wallpaper?  If yes, get yourself a mirror complimenting the wall. We have the perfect one in the store for you, “Sunflower designer mirror”. Just imagine a yellow wall with a sunflower mirror and a vase adjacent to the wall with real sunflowers! Appealing, isn’t it?  However, it’s just one idea! Do not stop right here, explore; as there are several more. You will see the craftsmanship on these unique mirrors is exquisite. 

A mirror maniac.


If healthy, obsession isn’t bad at all. We are all obsessed with something or the other be it fragrance, candles, flowers, books, coffee or mirror. So, if you are the one who falls in love with mirrors and already have a good collection, how are you missing on this one?

Looking for a special gift!

There are so many gifting ideas but when we actually need one we run out of them. So many festivals are coming your way and you must be thinking, what to present the special someone? Well, we have something really amazing for you; we have been discussing it for so long that now you know what we are talking about. Yes, a not so ordinary decorative mirror.

Wondering how special these mirrors are? Check out our store and get to see it yourself! @Flairglass.


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