Jesus Paintings for Your Spiritual Space

Jesus Paintings for Your Spiritual Space

Nov 23, 2021Flair Glass

Looking for spirituality? Wondering what to bring home to feel at ease? At times, we have it all. The furniture, the gadgets, the decor but we still get the feeling of ‘missing something!’ Well, we have something in the store with us, which definitely will take away this feeling, Oh! We are sure. Get yourself the heavenly art to brighten your day and grace any corner, wall or room. Let the beautiful art of Jesus help create a spiritual ambiance and inviting home atmosphere.

Wondering what kind of art? Well, at the store we have an amazing and unique collection of Jesus glass wall paintings.

Let’s have a close look.

Lamb of God

How many of us know that Jesus is known as the lamb of Gods? If you know, you know but if you have no clue, let’s learn it why? It is because lambs are symbols of sacrifice for sin and peace offerings. Also, a lot of shepherds came to him with their lambs at his birth. Therefore, if you want to get a symbol of peace home, Glass wall painting of Jesus Christ with lamb is the art, which is perfect for you.

The Holy Family


The holy family is the example of a perfect family; no, we are not talking about the family who sends you picture perfect Christmas card every year or the family who seems to have it all on the social network.  It’s the holy family- Jesus, Mary and Joseph. If you want to have the shadow of a perfect family in your home all the time, you just have to pick Glass wall paintings of Holy family from the store.

The Holy Cross


If you are looking for something simple yet strong in meaning then you can pick one from the collection of cross glass wall painting. The collection consists of cross-cloud oil texture painting, cross splash oil painting, cross texture oil painting.

The Last Supper 


We all are aware that the last supper is the last meal Jesus had with his disciples before betrayal and arrest. It was more than his last meal, as it was a Passover meal. One of the most important moment from the supper is his command to remember what he was about to do on behalf of all humankind, which was to shed his blood on the cross to pay debt for everyone’s sins. If you understand these paintings, why just understand and not get one home, for that big empty wall you have? We have a good collection of the Glass wall paintings of last supper, you can choose from.

Wow! Did we confuse you with the varieties we have at flairglass? Well, well, take all the time you want, once decided put it in the cart, place your order and we’ll deliver it to your door, all safe and sound.

Happy Shopping!

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