Best Place for Round Wall Mirrors!

Best Place for Round Wall Mirrors!

Dec 15, 2021Flair Glass

What in your opinion is a great decorative piece? Mirror, isn’t it? As it, effortlessly helps expand the space in your home and make any room feel bigger. Interior designers round the world are playing this trick to enhance their style and to put mirror designs in good use. We have left the days way behind when mirror was just a piece to reflect, it’s used and is trending as a master decorative piece. A little much than others, is trending the round shaped mirror as they can truly breathe some life into any room and is a great starting point in renovating a space. One can play around with round mirrors easily with other different decors to spice up the living space. Hence, when it comes to mirrors, the round variety may just be the fairest of them all. There of course are various other shapes but round mirrors tend to offer the most elegant and versatile design solutions. From rustic and wooden to glossy to glam, there is a round mirror to be found for every space and style.

Let’s next, catch on the places to place a round mirror.

In the foyer

What better place to hang a mirror than your front foyer or entryway? Wow! What a perfect place! Apart from opening the space and letting one double check her lip shade, hair or accessory before being out the door, a round mirror in the entryway makes a striking statement and helps set the tone of your space. If you were planning to mount a mirror in the foyer, our suggestion would be to hang it above a dazzling console. For a little extra effect you can place few candles on the console, there sure is going to be extra light when you light them up. Also, it’s vastu approved.

In the powder room 


Dreaming over those dreamy baths you see on Instagram? Time to make it real, and the key to transformation is a beautiful round mirror which will convert your bathroom into a spa like, luxurious oasis. A good mirror is very important in a bathroom as we spent our most of the time there doing most of the stuffs that requires mirror. Focus on the size more as that’s going to help you get ready in the mornings and at night. That said, one should feel free to experiment with the frames to add details to their bathroom. Always keep in mind that your mirror should speak the size of your bathroom sink. If the vanities are larger go for mirrors with shorter diameter and if you have a small vanity sink, a large mirror will provide the perfect amount of dramatic effect. If placing a round mirror in the bathroom is a yes from vastu? It’s a Yes! Yes!

In the Hallway  


Often ignored, hallways can be more than just pass way from one room to another. A vacant hallway screams for attention and the best way to pay some is by mounting a round mirror on the barren space. You can try getting together a series of smaller round mirrors lining or patterned on the wall. You can also, go for one statement round mirror with other decorative for the corridor. Wondering if round mirror for the hallway is vastu approved. Yes! it’s.

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