An Art on Glass, Glass Wall Painting!

An Art on Glass, Glass Wall Painting!

Oct 08, 2021Flair Glass

Home decor let you communicate how you feel and live. A well designed home, can efficiently put you at ease and get rid of apprehension. Your home and décor play a very important role in influencing the whole lot, from your mood to your efficiency and even your confidence. The decorations in various rooms make them more cosy and pleasing. Once you design your place according to your taste, you fill the place with things you like and that give you a sense of home, Your Home! There are various different things one can pick to fill one’s place to make them theirs. One such home décor piece could be a glass wall painting. Have you heard of it before?

If you have a blank wall, screaming “opportunity”, you must read ahead to know why you should think of getting a glass wall painting.

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Painting on a glass is a unique concept so get ready to hear a wow every time someone visits. I am sure your kitty parties and family get together are going to get you plate full of compliments. Be ready for that, also when you tell them about it don’t forget to mention us ;), Flairglass!

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Yes! To give an extra effect to your already bright painting one can give it a light effect. It’s easy and amazing. You will be surprised to see how with the help of light both the painting and the corner will be lit. The lights are going to bring more life to both the painting and your home.

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Glass paintings are easy to maintain. Just cloths wipe now and then and it’s good. Colours don’t fade so you don’t have to ponder upon the question, if it will ever look old and dull? Not a chance, the colours are not going anywhere. They are going to stick right there making your place colourful and pleasing.

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We usually avoid including paintings to our home décor as they have a certain odour, which is not liked by many. Often people are allergic to the oils used or to the colour fragrance. What if we tell you there are paintings with no fragrance, bad or good. Yes! That’s true, glass wall paintings are fragrance free. Hurry up then! Get yours and fill that void with the perfect art piece.

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Environmental friendly? How? Well, glass is made up of sand and hence it is biodegradable and can be reused. So if you are among the one who loves paintings as well as are concerned about the environment then glass paintings are a perfect match.

So when you notice someone complimenting a lot about the glass wall painting hung in your apartment, make note that it would the best thing to gift that person, now she just have to wait for her birthday, and you would be getting her the most memorable gift. And you know, Flairglass is always here to help, tell us the occasion and we will get you the best suited.

Happy Living!

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