Let Vastu Decide The Mirror Direction!

Let Vastu Decide The Mirror Direction!

Sep 22, 2021Flair Glass

Vastu is a prehistoric study that focuses on the stream of energy. This scientific learning focuses on both positive and negative energies that bound us. People are inclined towards Vastu acquiescent homes to lead healthy and happy lives. Be it a ready to move in space or an under construction property one needs to make sure the positive energies shouldn’t be disturbed. Mirror is one important piece of décor in every kind of home and the mirror Vastu says they are the most powerful in attracting energies too. It’s said, by using the right mirror Vastu directions, one can keep negative energies away.

Let’s read further to know how?

How powerful a mirror can be?

Mirrors are small but a significant tool for attracting positive energy to one’s house. Some Vastu approved effects that a mirror can have in a space are,

  • Mirror in the right direction helps attract positive energy and repel the negative ones.
  • Mirror is said to be a water element, as water mirror has the power of reflection and thus makes the energy flow in a space.
  • Used as per the rules, mirror can attract happiness and prosperity.
  • Wrong placement of the mirror can block the energy flow in the house.
Next, we have some Vastu tips to select the perfect location for mirror-

Vastu says there are eight directions and each is associated with a particular element according to which the best direction for a mirror is picked. Let’s have a look at the specifics,


North, North East, and North West are dominated by the water element and thus a mirror in any of this direction is considered beneficial. One can go with square or a round shape mirror.


This zone represents the space element. Hence, this is also an approving direction for placing mirrors. In this direction, one should avoid the use of rectangular, triangular or waved shaped mirrors.


The air element is governing in the east zone, and has no negative effect on the mirror placement. Rectangular or waved shaped mirror are best for this direction.



Governing element of  southeast and south is Fire. Since Fire and water contradict each other, this direction is not right for placement of a mirror. Placing a mirror in this direction can lead to several misfortunes like financial struggles, incremental debts, quarrels etc.


This direction represents the element-Earth, which absorbs water. Hence, placing a mirror in this direction can result in absorption of positive effects, which can lead to struggles in life.

These were some useful Vastu tips for mirrors one can refer to while placing one. Having trouble finding shapes? get in touch with Flairglass.in.

Wish you a happy and a prosperous living space.

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