Light Up Your Dull Space, With Decorative Mirrors!

Light Up Your Dull Space, With Decorative Mirrors!

Oct 09, 2021Flair Glass

Mirrors are like art in that style should coincide with other pieces in your home,” designer Amy Bubier says.

And we feel the same, have you ever noticed how mirrors add an extra decorative touch to a room or a lobby? It’s in fact a worldwide known trick for interior decorators and designers. Designers believe that mirrors are a vital part of any style or design, as it aesthetically boosts an interior with the use of chic frames.

Mirror as an art form has developed itself to suit better in the interior design type. Throughout the years many different kinds of decorative mirrors were formed, different in style, looks, functions etc. To name a few we have backlit, designer and framed mirrors.

Let’s have a close look at the types!


The backlit mirror is a popular type and is usually installed in bathrooms or greenrooms. These kind uses LED lightning tubes that sit at the back of the mirror, outlining its perimeter. These mirrors provides sufficient light that makes it easier for you to apply makeup or shave or do anything else which asks for a well lit reflection.


The designer mirrors are especially made to be a speaking piece in any room. It can be designed both simply and elaborately. They are preferably placed in rooms, which highlight their magnificence, say like the living or dining room. Designer mirrors come in many patterns and themes such as transitional, custom colour, traditional, ornate, contemporary, etc.


Framed mirrors, if we look at the name, it itself describes the kind of mirror it is. It is one enclosed in a frame for artistic touch. The material, size, design, of the frames vary. It can either be made of different quality and variety of wood or metals- such as silver, steel, bronze, gold etc. The frames used are carved with both hands and machine.Framed mirrors are known to fill the void in a room; also, it gives woody texture to a space.

Why put in  Decorative Mirror?

Because it adds some drama

Decorative mirrors are capable of providing a dramatic statement to any small space. By using a full size, framed mirror on the floor while a portion rests on the wall can be an incredible advantage in a living room or a bedroom. Mirrors are capable enough in making a beautiful statement in any given space. Using decorative mirrors will help you attract the eyes, put the framed mirror on the most visually prominent wall and voila!

Because it is an amazing mood up lifter

Decorative mirrors help increase the brightness of any room as it has a property to bounce light in all corners. Setting up a mirror in a poorly lit space is one way of advantageously bringing in more light. Also saves that extra on the electricity bill!

Because it helps hide Imperfections

Mirrors are a stylish way to conceal imperfections. A whole in the wall? Put on an elegant decorative mirror and it’s gone! An unused hook somewhere? Time to use it, hang on a mirror piece. See how easily you can cover up the ugly areas to look bright and beautiful. All thanks to Decorative Mirrors.

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