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Nov 17, 2020Vikas Airon

 Mirror: something that gives a true representation

A Simple Mirror

The mirror is one of the cost-effective item you can have at home. It is readily available and comes in different styles, sizes, and shapes. Mirror is an essential and integral part of our life. It is not only a grooming aid but it can also be used as a decoration tool to create accents, transform space and dematerialize mass. There are many other reasons of keeping a mirror at home.

  1. Grooming your self
  2. To brighten the space
  3. To decorate
  4. Reflect a nice view
  5. To create a focal point 
  1. Grooming you: The basic need of a mirror in room is for grooming. It helps you in getting ready for the day. Common things like combing your hair, shaving, applying make-up etc. can’t be done without help of a mirror.
  1. To brighten the space: Mirrors can be used to brighten the room because of its reflective property. A mirror can reflect the light coming from outside into your room and make it bright. Hang a mirror near a window or opposite it to get light to reflect.
  1. To decorate: A mirror can also be used as a decorative item. A simple mirror embedded in a decent frame or without frame can make your room look different from other rooms.
  1. Reflect a nice view: Have a mirror opposite a window so it reflects beautiful scenery. This position of a mirror brings the outdoors view inside your home. You can enjoy the greenery of nature, a charming cityscape, or a calm ocean within the comforts of your home using mirrors. You can also choose to hang a mirror to reflect a lovely painting, or an interesting sculpture.
  1. Keeping negative energy out: A mirror is also kept in or outside home to bring positive energy in house. According to feng-shui, a mirror can cure all bad effects in the house.

Simple Mirrors come in various shapes like round, square, rectangular, sphere, etc. Every shape has its own significance which I will be telling you in my coming articles.

 Qualities of a good mirror

The quality of the mirror is determined by three aspects:

  1. The purity
  2. The thickness
  3. The reflective coating

1. The Purity: 

 A high quality mirror requires high quality glass and the best glass has no inconsistencies so it won’t distort the reflection. The glass used by us is of the top most quality, we use only Saint Gobain glass. 

2. The Thickness:

When determining the quality of a mirror, the glass quality is specifically important, but the overall mirror quality can generally be determined by the thickness of the mirror. If you are looking for a high quality mirror for your home, there are some regular thicknesses that you can choose from. For home applications, mirrors are available in 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch thicknesses.

3. The Reflective Coating

If you are looking for a high quality mirror for your home, you must consider that inexpensive mirrors will use lower quality and very thin coatings of reflective material compared to more expensive mirrors.

In order to choose a high quality mirror, it is best to discuss what you expect from the mirror in terms of reflection quality and life expectancy with an expert glass company. Mirrors that you might find in local stores or markets are usually low quality and inexpensive mirrors. So if you are looking for good quality glass then we assure you the best quality.

Simple mirrors come in various shapes and sizes. We have categorized simple mirrors and in two varieties one is simple frameless mirrors and other is beveled frameless mirrors. The simple frameless mirrors are in 4 shapes square, rectangular, circular & hexagonal, and beveled frameless mirrors are available in three shapes circular, sphere and semi round rectangular mirror. 

 A beveled mirror means a mirror that has has edges cut and polished to a specific angle and size in order to produce an elegant, framed look but simple frameless mirrors the edges are grounded to safety. The thickness of both type of mirrors is 6mm. 


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