Abstract Glass Wall Paintings

Nov 17, 2020Flair Glass

Energy and motion made visible – memories arrested in space” Jackson Pollock

Using shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect is form of abstract art. The abstract painting is a new art form which got its recognition in early 19th century. It’s also called as modern art.

Abstract art has the ability to express what other visual art styles cannot. It can address concepts that are intangible and theoretical, existing in the realms of mind and spirit, rather than in outer reality. Abstract art utilizes pure color, shape, and form to express its meaning, without getting bogged down in the storylines carried by objects and scenery. As such, abstract art can touch the emotions in a fresh, raw and powerfully direct way.

Although abstract art exists as a general style describing non-objective art, there are many, many different styles within the genre. Each style of abstract art serves its own particular meaning or agenda. In addition, each artist has his or her own individual style. For example, some artists use many colors, while others use minimal color. Some abstract artists incorporate lots of patterns and details, and others just paint vast blocks of color. There are artists who focus on the push and pull of negative and positive space (or other formal qualities), while others focus on visual story-telling. In short, there are many different ways to approach abstract art!

We have a large collection of abstract paintings telling different stories. Some of the best selling abstract art work: The bicycle boy, Lost Silence, City by Lake, Lord Shiva, Seaside Strolling and the list goes on. Our customer demand more of abstract paintings because it gives a modern look to their home.


 Every painting is frameless and printed on glass thickness 6 mm. We use Saint- Gobain glass in all our paintings and the digital printing done on latest HD printing machines  make these painting look as they are original. Our paintings are long lasting and durable.

You can visit https://flairglass.in/collections/glass-wall-paintings and explore our range of various glass paintings.

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