Lord Buddha Art Gallery - Glass Wall Paintings

Nov 17, 2020Flair Glass

According to Fengh Shui and Vastu, keeping paintings of Lord Buddha increase the flow of Chi and bring Prosperity and great fortune. According to ancient Chinese claims, Chi form of energy that is omnipresent.  Buddha Paintings are also a symbol of innocence and bliss.

Placing Buddha painting in the living room of your home or above the reception desk of your office can help bring peace, happiness and prosperity into your home and business. Paintings of Lord Buddha is also considered as a shield against sorrow and negative energy. Placing a Buddha’s Painting in your office can greatly reduce stress and induce a more relaxed mindset, helping you tackle problems without stress.

 We have a variety of Buddha paintings and every painting is in different art form.

 This 3D art of painting makes this painting looks so natural that Buddha is himself present at the home. The gold color in Glass Wall Painting makes it look more attractive. Placing this painting just at the entrance of your home will make the others feel relax and the negative things will go out.

  Water color theme of the Glass Painting makes it simple but attracting. The blue color face depicts the calmness and peace. Keeping this wall painting in your meditation area will help you a lot.

Abstract painting of Lord Buddha has a flavor of modernity. This glass wall painting is the best selling painting of our collection of paintings.

Glass painting of Buddha with a vintage look makes it different from other paintings. This picture of Buddha shows the positivity. Every feature of his face is so sharp and bright.


 At the end we would like to tell that the glass paintings printed by us are durable. The glass is toughened and all paintings are frameless. The best quality printing is used to make the last for years. We at Flair Glass, Jalandhar believe in quality and customer satisfaction that’s why we make them as per customer order. We will soon make more glass painting taking Lord Buddha as inspiration.

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