A Mirror, Not Just A Mirror!

A Mirror, Not Just A Mirror!

Sep 03, 2021Flair Glass

A Mirror, Not Just A Mirror!

Isn’t it amazing how a mirror completely amplifies up a space by giving it depth and dimension? From energy to extravagance to the graphical tricks, mirrors with custom-made designs can make an immense difference in the complete appearance of any room. Besides, given the accessibility of mirrors, we take the freedom to say — mirrors are extremely unrecognized interior piece of decor.

Underneath are four of our best design tips to set mirror glass to use for highlighting the beauty of your space.

Placement is the Key

While decorating your home with mirror, you wish to not miss any chance to make the best out of this sparkly thing. Hence, it’s all comes down to how and where you place the mirror.

The visual appeal of the space is greatly influenced by the height at which the mirror is installed in combination with what it reflects. We suggest, you use mirror to deviate attention from any unpleasing section of the room to a happening one. Mirror placed strategically, can be statement fillers in tiny but worthy places that are too tiny for any piece of furniture.


Light and Space!

For the ones looking for space and light, mirrors are of great help. When installed properly they can light up any small room or corridor. We suggest you go with oversized mirrors or large wall mirrors; they will help capture as much light as possible to provide an extensive illusion to your room. Adding mirrors is going to make light and images spring up from different angles conveying a nous of space in the interiors. Tada! This trick makes your room look bigger and spacious.

Making Mirror the Centre Piece

A room is likely to look uninteresting and dull without a shiny décor. Hence, a bare room can benefit from mirror as a focal point. Large decorative mirrors can offer playfulness to the room, it can instantly light up the bare boring room. If the room already has a centre piece, a well-placed mirror can upshot it’s beauty. We suggest, invest in fancy framed mirrors to ooze style, luxury and elegance.

Mirrors and Shapes!

Old style rectangular mirror is an all-time classic but let’s not shy away from experimenting with the other shapes. The décor of your space reflects your one of a kind personality and taste. So play around with different geometrical shapes. Go with bevelled mirror if you are the sober kind but if you are the one who like going overboard then get yourself eccentric mirrors in not so usual shapes. Point to note- mirrors can’t be restricted to practical use only; one can use them in their house or office decors to highlight the aesthetics. 

So, now we have a pretty good idea on how a mirror can be more than just an object which reflects our face. We have just listed a few but there are ample of ways one can opt for to make the most of mirrors. Having a problem finding the one for you? Why don’t you let us help! Visit flairglass.in and get your favourite piece delivered to you. We have 100% distortion free, long lasting, true to size Saint-Gobain mirrors.

Who knew mirror shopping would be possible with just few clicks! 

So, get in touch with us today!

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