LED Mirrors for Bathroom

LED Mirrors for Bathroom

Nov 01, 2021Flair Glass

While setting up a modern bathroom, irrespective of the style and space there are two essentials, one must keep in mind, mirror and lights.  However, with infinite choice of products for both bathroom mirrors and lightning on the market, it’s difficult to know where to start the search of a duo that will work together. One obvious and popular option is to install wall light around your bathroom mirror. It could be a practical choice and will give a stylish touch but might not go with the overall look of your bathroom or the bathroom space. Also, they need a fair amount of time and resource to setup. So what other option do we have?

Well, the answer is an illuminated mirror, in simpler words a LED mirror. It’s simpler and efficient, basically a multipurpose vanity lightning in the bath. Thinking if it’s available in shapes and sizes, different light colours, if it’s energy efficient, or will it go with your bathroom aesthetic? Be right here with all your questions, we will answer them all.

Enhances your bathroom aesthetic.

LED mirrors are a combination of a bathroom mirror with LED lights, it’s decorative yet functional. The combination we assure completely complements any bathroom style, be it contemporary or modern. Due to their sleek design and exclusive looks, it adds value to the space and blends with all the styles.

Shadow less viewing and easy Installation.

It helps you give a shadow less view, which saves you a lot of time while applying makeup or shaving. It saves you from the razor cuts, and lets you enjoy the clarity. Why don’t you get one yourself and take a mirror selfie to confirm! 

Another valuable property would be it's Installation as Installation of a LED mirror is much simpler and is cost effective, thanks to the single point wiring. If compared to setting up multiple wall lights and mirrors, it’s much, much less of a work. Coming back to the wiring, less wiring would mean the mirror is more pared, less invasive and can be placed virtually flat against the wall. 

What about variety?

You can pick one depending on your bathroom wall space and style. Let’s discuss it further and make it easier for you to pick yours.


Like any other mirror, LED mirror too comes in different shapes say like oval, round, rectangular, square and many more. So this is one factor to help you get your desired mirror. Peep inside your bathroom and decide which shape will suit best.



LED mirror never fails to surprise. Yes! It comes with defogger feature too. So, if you want to make your bathroom look extra fancy you can pick the ones with this feature. Just imagine, how modern your bathroom would be with a mirror that glows and defogs. Coming out of a hot shower, no worries if you have defogger featured LED mirror installed, just a tap and all the fog disappears.


A mirror that just not glows, but glows in different colours. Isn’t it nice that now you can have a LED mirror with your choice of LED light. Yes, you can choose between warm white light and natural white light, at flairglass we also call it moonlight and sunlight. Few of them are very easy to work with, just tap to switch on and off the light. Literally, works with your fingertips!


LED design

What more one can ask for? With the mirror shapes, it has different lightning patterns too. You can get single lined, double lined, corner lightning, two side lightning, dotted lights, irregular patterns, floral etc. Someone seems confused with all these choices! Why don’t you have a look at the mirrors and then decide.


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