Which's The Best Bathroom Mirror Of Them All?

Which's The Best Bathroom Mirror Of Them All?

Oct 19, 2021Flair Glass


Is bathroom décor important? Many of us would say, No! Because why design a room which’s hidden most of the times. However, is it? Do we not start our day with this particular room and close too? There is more to the bathroom than we actually might give it credit for. We believe bathroom, frankly is that one room in the house one take most for granted. Why don’t we stop doing that and learn why our bathroom needs a décor.

 Here’s why!

  • It’s said that a person spend about 1.5 years of their lifetime in the bathroom. This has to be true as we visit bathroom innumerable times a day. Do you have a count?
  • It’s a free space for your thoughts, a space where you can sing on the top of your voice, be it terrible.
  • Do you not get your best ideas in the shower? Enough said.
  • I am sure you come to bathroom to cry a crappy day off, or talk to yourself, or to hide.
  • This room gives you the pleasure of hot showers and long baths.

The list can go on and on but we’ll stop here to introduce you to the key to a perfect bathroom.  Any guesses? Yes! A bathroom mirror, a piece that is never going to judge you, no matter what you say or do in front. Hence, the best company in a bathroom. 

Let’s now have a list to pick your perfect non judgmental bathroom company.

Would you go for framed ones!

Your personal style is exclusive to your home décor; yeah even the bathroom should reflect you! If you want to go for more refined and elegant look, we would suggest you get a framed mirror for your bathroom. It’s going to give your bathroom a classic look and the best thing about framed mirrors are you don’t have to attach it to the wall. If you like, simply rest it in any corner. Style accordingly!

Heard of folded corner mirrors!

Make the best of the corner of your bathroom by installing mirrors adjacent to each other.  You would need two mirrors each in the corner, adjacent. This will save you a lot of space and is best for the small bathrooms as it makes most of the wall space and gives an illusion of a spacious and airy bathroom.

What do you say about LED mirrors?

LED mirrors are doing great in the market as they are serving the needs perfectly. They are stylish and energy efficient, perfect for a modern bathroom. They provide you enough light to get dressed, practice your speech or to reassure that you look perfect. Comes in different shapes and light colour, Wow! What more one can ask for?

You can go BIG


One can get big mirrors installed in the bathroom to make it look visually large. This trick works best with the small space bathroom. A big mirror is also good if you are the kind of family who brushes together or if you are that couple who loves to share the bathroom space.

If something different is your style  

Something different would be to play with shapes; you can install different shaped mirrors in your bathroom. You can go for Triangle, Oval, and Waves. You can also go for decorative mirrors for your bathroom, they too help give a different look, stylish and tasteful.

Now that we know the list, which one did you like the best? Once you have picked your style, visit Flairglass to make that style happen.

Happy Living!

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