Few Unique Gifting Ideas for this Christmas

Few Unique Gifting Ideas for this Christmas

Nov 20, 2021Flair Glass

Can you already feel the great buzz of the holiday season in you? It is all fun and games until you realize that Christmas is coming, and you have no idea what to get for your family and friends.  

Not to worry, it is a season of miracles and we are here to help you with gifting ideas for Christmas. Keep on reading to find some unique Christmas gifts and holiday souvenirs to surprise your loved ones. This year let us be of assistance to get them something new and different. 

What is on your mind? A pair of colorful socks? A red Christmas sweatshirt? Christmas tree decorations or some festive cookies? There is no limit to how imaginative Christmas gifts can be, so fasten your seat belt and let us get our sleigh flying.


How about gifting something exceptional?


Christmas is the most magnificent time of the year. Decorated Christmas tree, fairy lights and candles, Christmassy dress, all is set. So for a selfie lover what you can get? Well, Gift a decorative mirror and see how many festive mirror selfies will be taken. One can never go wrong with a decorative wrought iron mirror, no matter which style you pick, it’s definitely going to win the heart of your loved one. After all, who on earth doesn’t like decorative mirrors? It’s trendy, useful and a great decorative piece. It is as unique as thoughtful. And why just gift it to others, if you yourself are a selfie loving soul, gift a decorative mirror piece to you too.

What would you get wrapped for an Art Enthusiast?


We all have that one friend who adores art. Be it a painting, an origami or a street art piece. And Christmas is not just about trimming a tree, hanging a stocking or decorating house. It’s about spreading happiness. So you cannot go easy on picking up a gift, well, with our help you can go a bit lazy though.  As to make your art enthusiast friends happy, we have some amazing Jesus Christ glass wall paintings. Unique and perfectly suits the occasion. Cherry on the top, it’ll be delivered at your doorstep.

What would you get the spirit lovers?


A bottle of wine came to your mind as an answer, isn’t it? Well, why not! However, let’s make this gift a little extra special by pairing it with a set of wine glasses. Ummm… Classy! If your friend is not a wine lover, we have varieties of barware you can pick your friends Christmas gift from. Ho! Ho! Secret Santa, the perfect gift is just a click away. And while you are taking care of your friends, spend a minute to think about yourself too. Some of you must be planning to host a Christmas dinner, why don’t we arrange you some extra compliments by introducing you to our Tableware.


As much as we love gifting, finding the perfect Christmas gift is a real struggle, between finding parking and scouring deals, one can easily find himself worn out. Which is why we are here, with our online store, Flairglass.in  to make your holiday shopping hassle free. With just few clicks, you can get the best of best. All while relaxing, sipping hot chocolate in your PJs.

Merry Christmas!

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