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Nov 17, 2020Flair Glass


Center table is not only a piece of furniture lying in your living area it has become an integral part of the home decor. When we think of a drawing room / sitting area of your home you think about everything whether its sofa or Center table.

Today we are going to tell you how to choose a perfect Center table / Coffee table. Many things are to be kept in mind while buying a perfect center table.

  1. Dimensions: The ideal Center table anchors the furniture in a living room by filling the gap. It should be of proper size and shape. There should be proper space around the center table so that you can move around easily. The space between the sofa and the Center table should be appropriate so that you can stretch your legs comfortably
  2. Durability: The center table should be sturdy and capable of taking proper load. It can take weight of crockery, books and sometimes your body pressure. The base should be strong enough to bear the load of the top. The material used should be of good quality whether wood, glass, metal or anything.

We have designed our Coffee table / Center table keeping all things in mind which make a Center table a perfect Center table.

The glass top is made up of Saint-Gobain toughened glass minimum thickness 8mm and the base is made by the best quality of Sheesham wood. Table Top pattern is HD Printed for the best possible color reflection. All table top are available in various sizes from 18 X 24 inches to 24 X 48 inches keeping in mind your living area space. Our Center tables are easy to maintain, just wipe off with a plain cotton cloth. The tables are easy to assemble as we provide DIY kit with every piece. Every table goes through various quality checks before delivering it into the hands of customers. We have over 40 different designs to choose from.

These are some of the hot selling designs of coffee table.


There are around 30 odd designs to choose from. Please visit our website for making your choice.

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