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EST'D 2014

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Cornerstone - Illuminated Border - LED Mirror - Warm White Light - Oval

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SKU: LED-FG-LED-37W-2436

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Nationwide FREE Shipping with 100% transit-damage protection.

Nationwide FREE Shipping with 100% transit-damage protection.

Product Details


Ships in 5-7 Days

Technical Details:

Lighting type Decorative
LED color Warm White Light (3000K)
Touch  Yes
Mains cable length 1.2m
Cable exit From Top
Max Weight 9kg


Top 4 Reasons to buy LED Mirrors

Backlit mirrors harmonize any decor and give you a sparkling, classily lit area. 
Let’s look at a few benefits of our backlit mirrors:

Shadowless View
The normal lightning in your bathroom can often create shadows on your face making it difficult to see yourself clearly and fully illuminated. Moreover, when the face isn’t clearly visible one can go wrong while applying making or shaving. A backlit mirror on the other hand will provide full lighting and will highlight your entire face making it easier to apply makeup, shave or to introspect. Our backlit mirrors are designed with a modern touch and are chic. 

Saves Energy
Many bathrooms have bulbs as the light source, bulbs which consume a lot of electricity however backlit mirrors use LED lightning and saves energy as they use much less electricity. Hence getting yourself a backlit mirror you would be saving a noteworthy amount of money on your electric bill. Important to mention, would be reducing carbon footprint too! 

Choice of Lightning
The LED lightning in the backlit mirrors exists in warm and cool color temperatures to go together with one’s complexion. It is also high in quality and gives you an unblemished, pure, and extensive glow. This lets you complete your task easily knowing the light is perfect on each part of your body.

Adds Style
Want to make your bathroom look a little fancy? A backlit mirror can complete this task in a very bright way. We have a variety of mirrors and each can be picked as a point of focus in your décor. They can very easily add a touch of modernity, elegance, boldness, sophistication, or minimalism, all depending on your taste.

Impressed and in real mood to make your bathroom modern and chic! 

Easy Returns

If you happen to receive a damaged or defective product, or a product that does not comply with the specifications as per your original order, you can return it on the spot, at the time of delivery.

Since it is a Glass, no requests for return will be accepted post delivery. Please call 0181-462-3295 incase you require any assistance.

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